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Vine Appétit…Not just another food blog

Don’t you hate it when you find a fabulous recipe to try, but that’s all you get?  What do I do for a side? Would a salad go with this or some type of starch?  Let’s not even get started on the type of wine. Now you have to keep searching…sometimes for a long time before you feel confident in your selections.  I promise to not leave you hanging!  When I post a main dinner entrée I will also include the whole dinner layout. Whether it is a holiday dinner or an impromptu Saturday night with friends. I will guide you through the main course with sides and appropriate beverage options. I will post some random recipes that I love that are quite self explanatory, too.  Granola anyone? Not everything will be focused just on the whole meal.  I might even toss in a dessert idea or two.

Our Story

Vine Appétit originally began as a small specialty food production business specializing in wine jelly.  Yep, take a bottle of wine, add some sugar and pectin and you have jelly.  I will eventually share the recipe.  It’s actually quite easy!  It makes for a super fun holiday gift for friends and teachers or an extra special addition to your summer cheese and meat board.  After a couple years of trial and error and the loss of a dear family member, the company stopped production.  We now have a renewed interest focusing on food and wine/beer pairings to help home chefs design a holistic meal experience for family and friends.


Your Host

I grew up with the smell of fresh baked bread and caramel rolls every Saturday morning.  My Swedish father was the “chef” and my Norwegian/German mother was the “baker”.  Family dinner night was EVERY night and I’ve continued the tradition with my kids.  No TV or electronics at the table.  Let’s connect over candlelight please, not iPhone light, right?   Cheers!